Natalie & Steve

Lulan Photo

Lulan Photo

Natalie and Steve had every bride and groom’s nightmare just a few days before their wedding. Their original venue had to cancel their wedding due to a city permit issue. Naturally they were devastated but we immediately began to search for a new venue.

It started to feel impossible as we called venue after venue and realizing that they were all booked up that weekend. Finally a miracle happened. The Porch in Burbank said they were available and willing to take on their last minute wedding!

Natalie and Steve Wedding-225.jpg

All the vendors came together to help make the transition as smooth as possible for Natalie and Steve. They had to make some changes to the decor but were so wonderful at rolling with the punches and were just so grateful that they would be able to hold their wedding on their original date.

Natalie and Steve Wedding-352.jpg

I was so amazed at how they handled this challenge and was ecstatic that I was able to help them through it and find a venue is such short notice. The day turned out beautifully!

They were many vendors that helped made this wedding day a success! Check out their work below!



Jane Alexandra Events



The Porch in Burbank



Lulan Photo



Chef Fernando V


Photo Booth:

Pixster Photo Booth



Cali Craft Cocktails



Vox DJs



204 Rentals



Seed Floral



Seaside Ceremonies



Vanilla Bake Shop



Michelle Kowalsky



Ernesto Casillas Makeup


So what's your favorite part of this fun and original summer wedding? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Jane

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