Paulette & Garrett

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Paulette and Garrett's gorgeous Bel-Air Bay Club wedding was all about the details. Everything from the linens, to the vintage furniture, to the dance floor with the custom logo were hand picked to create something out of a dream. This wedding was nothing short of spectacular! 

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Paulette had a huge smile on her face the entire day. She looked like a princess in her gorgeous ball gown and her bridal party’s gold dresses were both classy and flattering. 

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They didn't cut any corners when it came to decor but the flowers by Unique Florals definitely stole the show. The ceremony arch was covered from head to toe creating one of the most epic arches I have seen to date. 

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The reception's mix of different linens and mirrored specialty tables created different textures and romantic visuals for the guests to enjoy. 

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Guests danced all night long and the LED flower crowns added an extra flair to the party. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! 

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They were so many amazing vendors that helped made this wedding a success! Check out their work below! 

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Planning & Design:  
Jane Alexandra Events

Bel-Air Bay Club

Laurie Bailey Photography 

Amari Productions

Unique Floral Designs

Who’s That DJ

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Bright Event Rentals
@classicparty Now @brighteventrentals

La Tavola Fine Linen

Luna Strings West
Dance Floor: 
Untamed Event Planning

OCLA Events

Sweet & Saucy Shop

Photo Booth: 
High Time Photo Booth

So what's your favorite part of this glamorouswedding? Let me know in the comments below!
xo, Jane

For more photos from this amazing couple, check out their stunning wedding photos here on Pinterest!

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