Sara & Danny's Engagement Session

I couldn’t be more excited for my sister to finally become a Mrs!! Sara and Danny’s cozy, beach engagement session was perfectly inspired by their relationship. Read their love story and see all the adorable photos taken by the incredible Jessie Jean Photography!


It It all began in 1993 at Oaks Hills Elementary School when Sara and Danny were in the same 2nd grade class. Danny had a crush on a girl at school. He liked her style, thick blonde bangs and long sleeve pilgrim dresses. Sara and Danny grew up enjoying the Oak Park scene. Riding bikes in cul-de-sacs, Baskin-Robbins ice cream sundaes, Beanscene, Osaka Sushi, Lamppost, and Blockbuster video. Sara was the quiet girl voted most artistic in high school. On the other hand, Danny was a crazy baseball player with a sound system in his explorer. They could not be more opposite. Sara had perfect attendance, while Danny dodged truant officers. 


As time passed by, they ventured out into the real world. In April 2009, Sara and Danny were reunited doing what they love best, enjoying some drinks with friends at the local bar. It was Maloney’s, UCLAs finest pub, where they saw each other across the room and eyes locked. They talked about old times, had some pints, and ate wings for hours. He really loved her laugh (cackle) and she loved his smile. Sparks were in the air that night and they both knew that this was something good. The next day, Sara mentioned to her sister that she saw Danny Evans (and wouldn't stop talking about it). She knew he was the one. 


Their first date included sushi, sakai bombs and the movie Adventureland (they both don't remember the storyline). Soon they moved in together and planned trips exploring other places like Waikiki, backpacking the Grand Canyon, camping, and Mardi gras.


And on December 21st 2017 Danny popped the question and Sara said YES! 


I can’t believe today is their wedding day! Be sure to follow along on my instagram stories!