Meet Jane

Hi there! I'm Jane and I am the owner and creator of Jane Alexandra Events!

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When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a wedding dress designer. I had a notebook with drawings of my designs and would stay up late sketching and coming up with what I thought were genius designs. Although I never became a child prodigy dress designer it is funny how I ended up still working in the wedding industry.

When I was 15 years old I met my now husband, Cole. We were just two kids trying to figure out the meaning of life and love. But even then he was more than just my boyfriend he was my best friend, my advocate, and my partner. Our love grew and matured more and more over the years and we became even closer and more compatible. 10 years later at a lifeguard tower in Malibu he proposed and I dove head first into the planning process. I know it sounds cheesy but it was seriously like I had found my calling. I was obsessed with every second of it. I hired a day of coordinator named Emily whom I also knew from high school. I picked her brain on how she got started and asked her endless questions. She encouraged me to follow in her footsteps and was so sweet to give me tips and advice.

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On the way home from our Honeymoon in Napa Cole and I brainstormed company names and slogans and decided on Jane Alexandra Events. I wanted it to feel personable and what better way to do that than to use my name! (fun fact: I almost named the company Red Chandelier Events in honor of my favorite color and my unhealthy obsession with chandeliers.. luckily Cole talked me out of that one!) Cole designed my logo for me and created my website which at the time only had photos from our wedding. He was so sweet to fully support this crazy idea of mine. Emily started referring me clients when she decided to dissolve her business which really gave me the kick start I needed. I couldn't be more grateful to her! So long story short Jane Alexandra Events was born and I still feel like this is a dream come true. My clients mean everything to me and I am so appreciative that they entrust me with such a special day in their lives. So thank you to everyone who as believed in me and my dream. Love you all!


More personal stuff about me below!

Education: I graduated from California State University Northridge with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Business Marketing.

Family: I have a BIG family! One full sister, one half brother, 4 stepbrothers, and one stepsister.


Pets: Currently none since our lives are CRAZY and also because we will forever be mourning the loss of our sweet cat Tina.

Hobbies: I am still working on that work/life balance thing people keep talking about but for now when I have free time I really just want to be sitting on my couch with Cole, a glass of wine in my hand, and a good movie on the TV (riveting I Know). I LOVE Disneyland so I go there quite frequently. I used to ride horses and one day will get back in the saddle (literally) but I had a bad fall a few years back and am a little traumatized also that whole having no time thing makes that tricky. Lastly, I am always on the hunt for a great new book or a delicious craft cocktail so you if you have any tips let me know!

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Favorite Color: Red.. people always ask why but I am not really sure. It has just been red for as long as I can remember. I think it has something to do with the boldness of it as well as it meaning passion or something... who knows I just love it!

Favorite Movie: I love the classics and my favorite is Casablanca (here's looking at you kid) but if I also had to pick a more modern day movie it would probably be The Devil Wears Prada (sorry not sorry) and the Harry Potter Movies (yes I am a nerd)!

Favorite Book: Time Travelers Wife. If you haven't read it do yourself a favor and start it today! I have probably read it 5 times and actually just started reading it again the other day. If I had it my way I would name my future daughter Alba (its from the book.. read it!) but Cole put the kibosh on that one haha!

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Favorite Cocktail: That is a tough one because I am a whisky girl at heart but also love a fresh vodka based drink. I would have to say that a classic Old Fashioned from The Good Lion in Santa Barbara is high on my list and then there's a Pear Lavender Martini from Twenty 88 Bistro in Camarillo that is amazing and if I fee like staying local The Husband Daycare at Bazille inside Nordstrom is one of my regular go to's! Is it happy hour yet?

Something I couldn't live without: Coffee! I NEED to start my day with a cup of coffee. And nothing sweet or filled with milk. Just pure caffeine. I need it. The end.

Pet Peeves: I almost don't want to tell you because every time I tell people I end up being tortured. When people rub their socks on the carpet I literally cringe. It is a horrible thing that people should never do! Also I will have a full blown melt down if anything touches my trachea. This is why I never wear turtle necks or chokers. I literally am going to throw up thinking about it right now.. next question please...

Biggest Fear: I am terrified of Flying! We were not born with wings for a reason! I understand it is a necessity and will get on an airplane when I really have to but I will not like it and you will not like sitting next to me either so don't make me do it.


Job History: Believe it or not the corporate world of Wells Fargo had my soul for a big chunk of my early adult life. I also worked as a competitive high school cheer coach for a few years back when I was only 18 years old.

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More wedding stuff about me below!

Favorite part of working weddings: The best part for me is always right after the ceremony. The couple is officially married and the look of pure joy on their faces as they walk back up the aisle together brings tears to my eyes every time. Then I typically get to be the first to congratulate them as I usher them away from the ceremony site which is so special to me.


Advice for Brides and/or Grooms: As much as you think your wedding day is all about you it is also about your family and your friends. You want to make the day enjoyable for everyone so think about that during the planning process. Your family especially wants to be involved and feel like a part of the process but make sure you are still staying true to what is important to you and incorporate things that are personable and true to you as a couple. Also take advantage of the moments throughout the day where you are alone. I highly recommend spending about 10 minutes post ceremony just the two of you to take in all those Just Married Vibes. Another great way to have some alone time is a first look as well as having a sweetheart table.


Personal Wedding Style: I personally love a timeless and classy style with a pop of color. When it came to planning my own wedding I wanted to be able to look back 20 years from now and still feel like our wedding could be held at any time period. I love color because it brings a bit of fun and personality into the day. The funny thing is my favorite style weddings to actually work are very opposite of my personal style. I love when clients get creative and even a bit funky with their ascetic. It makes me want to get married again and just go crazy with current trends and unique decor.


Favorite Wedding Ever: That is really hard. There are so many weddings I have worked that I have loved. Sometimes it is the clients that I love, sometimes the decor, and sometimes just the overall vibe of the day. I can't pick just one! Sorry!


Dream Venue: Since I already marked Disneyland off my list last year I have to think of something new.. Probably Haiku Mill in Maui, yes I realize that I would have to fly there but it would worth it.


Wedding Pet Peeve: When guests walk down the aisle before the ceremony. I can't stand this! They smash the petals and they knock over candles, and they ruin beautiful aisle decor! Seriously though.. why do people think that is ok? Also when guests stand in the aisle to take photos during ceremony.. no .. just no.

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Now that you know more about me I can't wait to know more about you!

xo, Jane


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